Mimami é uma das 1000 Business Ideas

Are we taking care of our caregivers? Apparently not so much!Social isolation is a common problem that is impacting those who are taking care of the youngest generations, the future Presidents, CEOs, Doctors, Actors… Mimami is working on building a social network to link, support and enable caregivers to pursuit whatever they aspire to.1000 Business Ideas – What is Mimami?

Cristina Cardigo – Mimami is a social innovation project directed to mothers and babies or toddlers up to three years old.

In Portugal there is no place to stay at home mums to go to and to be with children, unlike UK or Brasil. If you are staying at home with a small child and it is raining outside, the place people usually go is shopping centers. So, we thought about creating a safe place where mothers and their children can be just playing or meeting with other mums or caregivers but also to invest in their careers; not only a playground but also a place where mums can attend training and workshops that can boost their careers.

Let’s imagine that you have a small business and you want to attend a marketing course. You have to find someone, a babysitter or a kindergarten, to take care of your child. You need money for the babysitting and you need the money to invest on your business.

Mimami is thought to be a place where mums can have this kind of training while staying with their children.

Ler o resto da entrevista aqui!

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